AFC postpones Malaysia vs North Korea Asia Cup Qualifiers match


The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has postponed the Asia Cup 2019 qualifying match between Malaysia and North Korea amidst strained relations between both countries.

Malaysia had previously barred its players from flying to North Korea after they expelled the ambassador of North Korea from the country due to his criticism over a murder investigations. The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) had since requested AFC to reconsider the plan to hold the match in North Korea and asked for a natural venue instead.

According to FAM, the AFC Competition Committee had since agreed to postpone the the game which was slated to be held at the Kim Il-sung Stadium in Pyongyang this 28 March, but FAM further reiterated that they would give AFC full authority to decide on the venue and date of the postponed game.

Earlier this week, there were also calls by some quarters to ask FAM to boycott the tournament as a sign of protest towards North Korea, but FAM had declined such suggestions by saying that such move would not be positive to the country.

FAM had also confirmed that the friendly match between Malaysia and the Philippines would proceed as scheduled.